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Rural Technology Core (RT)


Purpose: To maintain, expand, or rapidly develop accessible technologies and resources as needed to support the Center’s Pilot Projects and the AD and BIT Cores.

Goal: To strengthen an infrastructure and increase and coordinate technological resources needed to deliver interventions and monitor outcomes for innovative research programs that are designed to promote cardiac health in rural communities.  Technological innovations will be a key factor for conducting such research.

The specific aims of the RT Core are to:

  1. Coordinate the technological resources to support the functions of the overall Center, the AD core, and BIT Core.
  2. Centralize access to and widely communicate the resources and expertise available in the RT Core.
  3. Enhance resources that will be used to deliver interventions or monitor outcomes in rural settings by providing necessary tools and methods to collect reliable, consistent, accurate data of all types for the Center.
  4. Create a repository to effectively manage, analyze, and share data generated by the Center’s Pilot Projects and other interdisciplinary research.

Rural Technology Core (RT) Committees

1. Database Repository Committee

Development and oversight of the study’s database

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2. E-Learning Lab Committee

Development and administration of the e-Learning Lab

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