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Building Interdisciplinary Teams Core (BIT)


Purpose: Facilitate mentoring of the Center scientists

  1. Provide interdisciplinary guidance and consultation opportunities within the Center
  2. Assist with building interdisciplinary research teams.

Goal: Develop a cadre of nurse scientists by facilitating their research in the focal area of health promotion/disease prevention in persons with or at-risk for cardiovascular disease in rural areas.

The specific aims of the BIT Core are to:

  1. Develop a formal mentoring program which will assist investigators in identifying mentors/advisors from the Center scientists, internal and external research centers, and others as appropriate to facilitate proposal development, seeking of additional funding, and development of their research programs
  2. Promote and facilitate interdisciplinary guidance, consultation, and active team participation with Center scientists in development and conduct of the Center’s projects
  3. Network and collaborate with other research centers, internal and external to the UNMC, to promote cardiovascular research activities relevant to health promotion and disease prevention in rural settings
  4. Review Center proposals for scientific merit and readiness for funding/implementation

Building Interdisciplinary Teams Core (BIT) Committees

1. Data Safety Monitoring Committee

Consult with pilot study researchers on issues related to study design, measurement, and data analysis.

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2. Healthy Heart Center Faculty (Pilot Study Investigators)

The pilot studies will postion investigators to obtain larger extramural suppport for full-scale intervention and outcomes studies that will contribute to the body of knowledge on delivering interventions and monitoring outcomes using technnology in rural settings.

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3. Pilot Studies Scientific Review Committee

Review proposals to be funded after the first year and make funding recommendations

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4. Scientific Development Committee

Develop a plan for mentoring pilot study investigators and assist them in advancing their research programs

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